The Altenheim (German for elder home) is a historical, local St. Louis Landmark. Today, the Altenheim still occupies the same historic land  from more than a century ago. In 1972, this historic residence was completely replaced as a modern, beautiful residence for the elderly.

A Historical, Local Landmark

More than a century ago, there were St. Louis names that would become well known to local residents: Busch, Erker, Lemp, Cramer, Mayer, Stix, Stifel and many others. These prominent St. Louisans and the Founders of the Altenheim, joined together to provide a comfortable and caring haven to St. Louis’ elderly, regardless of their religious or cultural background, and who could no longer maintain a home.

However, the catalyst behind the development of a residence for the elderly resulted from the extraordinary vision of six women who decided to issue a “General Appeal to German Women of the Community.” Thus, the Ladies Society of the Saint Louis Altenheim was officially established.

From this start, the founders purchased the historic Chouteau mansion on the scenic bluffs of the Mississippi River and made some renovations before the first Altenheim residents moved in.

The Ladies Society, conceived by six extraordinary women more than a century ago, has evolved into the Altenheim Society, which remains active today. The Society includes men and women, families and friends of residents, both current and past who volunteer their time and services to help residents feel at home. They have become our residents extended family.



The St. Louis Altenheim has been a fixture in the St. Louis community for over 100 years, and remains active in neighborhood groups and activities today.

Rich History of Community Support

The Altenheim was supported by many local businesses early in its history, including the Adolphus Busch family, who donated over $70,000 during the Altenheim’s first 30 years. During World War II, the Altenheim was headquarters to Air Raid Wardens and Red Cross workers. The Red Cross folded bandages and conducted blood drives using the large common rooms of the Altenheim.

In keeping with the tradition set by our founders years ago, the St. Louis Altenheim continues to pursue community involvement.


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For more than a century, seniors have made the Altenheim their choice for supportive living in St. Louis. With exceptional care, treasured friendships and an abundance of activities, the Altenheim offers opportunities for seniors to remain active and independent.