Testimonial 11

“I used to sit alone at home and wish that someone would call or stop by. I wish I moved to the Altenheim sooner. I have good neighbors, all kinds of entertainment and music. Living at the Altenheim is like living in a fine, elegant home with services that you can’t get living on your own.”

Testimonial 7

“I need a little extra help and Altenheim is here to provide the security and care I need. They take care of my housekeeping, personal laundry and meals—that takes a lot of work off me. My room has a call system to ask for assistance at any time of the night or day and that’s comforting.”

Testimonial 4

“It’s been awhile since I took a vacation, but living at the Altenheim is as good as one. I can relax in my beautiful room, go to exercise class, enjoy a game of Bingo with friends, then join my neighbors in the dining room that overlooks the Mississippi. Now that’s service.”